my cables n’ lace kimono wrap

May 30, 2010

I’ve been working on this little woolen “friend” of mine off and on for about two years, so imagine my delight when I finally cast off my last stitch. I used the Cables and Lace Kimono Wrap Cardigan pattern from Sweaterbabe.com (isn’t her stuff great?), but chose to leave the neckline unfinished rather than to pick up and knit the 3×3 ribbing the pattern calls for. I really love that raw, rolled over look — and it’ll show a little bit more of whatever I’ll be wearing underneath.

Shortly after beginning, I thought I’d made a horrible mistake with my choice of yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes) as it created a springy fabric with chunkier cables and very ripply lace panels — as well as a stiffer drape overall. Nevertheless, I plugged away, and though it turned out quite different-looking than Sweaterbabe’s example, I do like it! It was extremely fun to knit as well, and now that I’ve cracked the code of this pattern, I’m eager to make another one with a drapier yarn, which would be more fitting for spring/summer.



  1. Oh, it’s delightful!! So pretty (and so good to see you).

  2. It’s beautiful! I love their designs too but have yet to try one. Glad to hear you got good results.

  3. thank you stacy! i’ve been so busy, which makes it doubly nice when i actually complete a project.

    lisette — this is my first sweaterbabe project. the pattern was a bit tricky to follow, so i found it an absolute necessity to make my own chart. it was easy, once you get a hang of the lace pattern and understand how the pieces come together.

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