my “wrenna”

February 4, 2009


Finished my term papers over the weekend (woohoo!), so I had time to complete that “Wrenna” cardigan from French Girl Knits. My own additions: a button at the top and a belt. At first, I thought that it was going to be too big for me and rather shapeless at the waist, but then I realized that the lace pattern would allow me to string a belt through and — voila — it worked beautifully! I didn’t get fussy with the belt — just did a simple 3 stitch I-cord. I’m quite happy with it!





  1. The belt idea is perfect! It looks beautiful.

  2. Wonderful!! I love it and the color looks so fantastic with your coloring.

  3. many thanks, ladies!

  4. hi maya–that is the cutest! love the belt, the button, the color on you! pop over to our french girl group on ravelry and show off your pretty wrenna! xoxo

  5. wow, kristeen, i’m so honored! thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the kind words. i will certainly join the french girl ravelry group!

  6. It is so gorgeous. Looks great on you too.

  7. Very cute! I love the batwing top you posted as well 😀

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  9. You did a wonderful job!!! I am also trying to knit this pattern but having a hard time with the horseshoe lace. Do you have any tips?

    • Hi Rhonda! Thanks so much for the nice comment. Not sure that I can give you any other tip on the horeshoe lace but to follow the directions to a T! Is there anything specific about it that you’re having problems with?

  10. thanks for your reply:) I think I read the pattern wrong. I read from right to left. I think it should be left to right so I am going to attempt this pattern again. wish me luck

  11. Your sweater looks great. I am currently attempting this pattern but can not figue out Row 14.

  12. Love the combination of yellow and purple!

  13. Beautiful!! I’m trying to knit my own. I love the color of yarn you selected and great addition of the belt! Nice job!

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