shoulder-tie dress

July 14, 2008

Another dress for summer! I made this today from yet another thrift-store bed linen — a very pretty lavender duvet cover I got for $3.99! And even after making this dress, there’s still a ton of fabric left over for at least two more projects. I used a ridiculously easy vintage pattern I snagged from ebay — Simplicity “Jiffy” series, #7520.

Unlike the dresses pictured in the pattern, I used a contrasting print fabric for the inset because why waste an opportunity for adding a bit of pizazz? I shortened the length so I’d have a sassier, poofier skirt, but didn’t do a very good job creating an even hem, so the back is visibly shorter than the front. Woops. Maybe I’ll start a trend? Ah, whatevah. As you know, I’m not a stickler for perfection. All in all, I’m happy with the outcome and will be wearing this new number to the office tomorrow.



  1. Very cute – I love it! That is definitely a pattern I’d use more than once.

  2. awesome pattern and as usual, your garment suits you perfectly! you always look so beautiful and at ease in everything you create. really lovely.

  3. How cute!

  4. it’s really really beautiful maya. Can you send me a bunch of patterns?!!! hahaha just joking (I can’t find any here)

    PS: I’ll send you some plantains and coconuts to L.A.

  5. I just absolutely adore everything you make, you have such an eye for colour and pattern that I can only aspire too. This number in particular is one of my favourites I think – I love the combinations and the style. Everytime I see a new creation of yours I am always saying ‘WOW!’

  6. thanks for all the kind words everyone!

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