feeling capricious

June 8, 2008

I finally, finally made the leap from being a vintage pattern hoarder, to an actual vintage pattern sewer! I’ve been wanting a pair of high waisted capris, so I went through my stacks and stacks of patterns and found this:

So I made View #2, but added a cuff and button at the bottom of the legs.

They came out ok, except I found out too late that the pattern was made to fit a woman of 5 foot 7 and up (were women taller in the ’50s?) and anyone below this height would have to adjust the length of the crotch accordingly before cutting the fabric. Needless to say, I ended up with a very saggy backside which I attempted my best to fix, but as you can see, my alteration skills are lacking. Ah well. Now I know better. Overall, it was a fun project which I’ll definitely try again.



  1. Beautiful work!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous capris. They look so good on you.

  3. thanks judy and jodz!

  4. oh god, the horror! women were headless in the past!

    i think the backside is the hardest thing to tackle in life, period. all woes stem from the backside. your capris look great, just do what i do and ignore what you don’t like!

    jj at burdastyle posted this link for me about crotch alterations:
    it proved helpful, though i still think backsides should be banned altogether.

  5. The capris are nice – a bit like newsboy or a biker from the centuries beginning. Cute.
    I noticed the headless women first as Onna pointed it! Isn’t that ironic – in the 50s women we longer but without a head…

  6. LOL. something must be wrong with me as the drawing of the headless women never struck me as being strange, but now that you two mention it, it is a tad creepy…

    thanks for the link, oona!

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