another weekend, another dress.

May 19, 2008

So with the weather warming up, I figure that a girl can’t have too many dresses–especially of the sleeveless variety. So I made this summer number using Built By Wendy #3835, but omitted the raglan sleeves to create this halter neckline. I seriously can’t move on from my Builty By Wendy patterns. They’re just are so versatile and easy to sew! The fabric with cool swirly print is a Marie Kelzer design which I was lucky enough to get in both purple and green–one of my favorite color combos.

The belt wasn’t part of the original design, but I’ve been seeing these terrific obi belts on Burdastyle like this one and thought that I needed to make a few of them for myself.

This weekend, I was also reacquainted with this blast from the past:

My friend Jed asked me if I’d had ever had an “It’s It” before, and I said “oh yeah, when I was a little kid and I remember loving them…do they still make them???” Well, thank you, Jed, for jogging my memory about these unbelievably yummy nostalgic treats. If you’ve never had one before, let me explain. An It’s-It is a scoop of all natural vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two perfectly spiced oatmeal cookies, coated in rich dark chocolate, and then each and every one is kissed by the snack gods who sprinkle them with a mixture of fairy dust and crack.

Yes, folks, they’re that good. Pick some up today.



  1. The dress is super cute and looks great on you! The belt was definitely a good addition.

  2. oh my god. WHERE do i find the it’s it???

    i love your new dress– at first glance i thought you had streamlined the anda. i just picked up her “sew u” from the library.

    by the way, purple and green was my combo of choice at the christmas mass i was forced to attend at 12 years of age, as i wanted to shock them. i am now fully vindicated, as the style goddess is sporting it here.

  3. Oona — It’s-Its should be available in the freezer section of any run-of-the-mill grocery store. I know, for sure, that Vons stocks them. Honestly, summer was invented so people could eat these.

  4. The colors looks so nice together. You should really write a post about how to pick colored fabrics, you really work them well.

  5. Love this dress!

  6. I love this dress, too! It looks great – the colour and fabric combination, the neckline, the belt!

  7. I love this dress! The color combo is great and the belt makes it look fantastic. Great job!

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